Today, cross-cultural communication is more important than ever. And when it comes to your ability to successfully communicate in English, there is a lot at stake.

Are you tired of being asked to repeat yourself?

Are you frustrated by being misunderstood?

Do you worry that your verbal skills don't match your true professional abilities?

Do you suspect a strong native accent may be contributing to communication breakdowns?
We can help with that.

Our mission is to teach the foundational roots of clear, confident and easy-to-understand speech so that you can be understood the first time. 
Read on to discover how our Clear Speech Coaching services can transform your overall communication success. 


Our speech and accent services are currently taught in the General American English accent. This is also known as the Standard American Accent, and is a very neutral and widely-spoken version of American English. All our services are offered online only. 

* We currently have a waiting list for all new clients seeking private coaching sessions. Contact us to be added to the list.

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Learn and practice important components of clear speech through these on-demand online courses


Allyson Plumberg M.S. CCC-SLP, is an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist who has been providing communication services for over the past decade to professionals from a variety of career backgrounds. Read more about her background in the spoken communication services.


Before I met Allyson, I'd been focusing on watching videos mainly on Youtube.

The only problem with watching videos is that they never provide you with any feedback on whether you're making progress or not.

I remember my first lesson with Allyson. Her approach was unique. From the very beginning, I knew that Allyson was different than any other teacher I'd met up to that moment.  

The feedback I get from Allyson is priceless, and now I'm looking forward to continuing working with her.

- Marcin, IT Specialist from Poland

  What I really like about Allyson's classes is that she never misses tiny details because everything is important!  

  She has been able to catch the mistakes that others weren’t able to.

Her detail-oriented approach will take your knowledge of the English language phonetics to another level!  

- Tom, Entrepreneur in Los Angeles

providing speech & american accent modification coaching for professionals and academics