* We currently have a waiting list for all new clients seeking private coaching sessions. Contact [email protected] to be added to the list.

Private speech coaching sessions start with a personalized evaluation of your current speech. In addition to observing the particular sounds of your spoken English, we will also assess other characteristics of your communication style and accent (for example, rate, intonation, pitch and stress). We also want to hear from you about your history speaking English, and what communication goals you have.

For this reason, please make sure to book the "Initial Evaluation" session when you book your first appointment with us.

After this, follow-up sessions will be designed to address the specific target goals from your evaluation. We will probably work on specific sounds as well as intonation patterns, rhythm and stress, as well as any additional personal goals you might have in mind.  

Ultimately, because each client has a unique linguistic background, sessions are structured to meet the particular needs of each individual client.  

There is no minimum number of sessions we require from any of our clients. You are welcome to take as many (or as few) classes as you like. Most people need about 10-12 sessions to start seeing significant progress, but everyone is different.

We also offer 25-minute and 55-minute sessions. Most people choose 55-minutes, but we offer the shorter sessions to try and make our services available to a variety of schedules.

Lasting success in speech coaching and accent modification relies not only on the skills you develop during a session, but also on how much you consistently practice and use these skills in your everyday life. A dedicated mindset is a very valuable asset in gaining the most out of your speech transformation.  

Practice words and phrases (with personalized recordings from your instructor) will be given to you for review between classes. You will never be required to complete "homework" in order to have private sessions, but regular practice is always highly encouraged.