Clear Speech Coaching is perfect for both native and non-native English speakers who have an intermediate to advanced level of the English language, but who are nonetheless looking to improve their speaking clarity.    

Many of our clients come to us because they have frequently been misunderstood. Others are concerned their verbal communication skills are negatively affecting their career prospects; others are just tired of being asked to repeat themselves.
One common reason for these challenges is due to a strong native accent influencing a person's English in a way that confuses their listeners.      

To be clear, having an accent is never wrong. Everyone develops an accent based on their unique linguistic background. This is both normal and expected.    

Speaking English with a different accent isn't wrong either! Instead, your accent is a unique aspect of your identity that gives you both character and dimension.    

However, if your original accent is so strong that people have a difficult time understanding you, there are likely some ways we could help improve your overall communication success.    

Clear Speech Coaching addresses many aspects of spoken language, including specific speech sounds (vowels and consonants).  We also focus on other aspects of speech, such as rhythm, pitch, word linking, intonation and stress.  Finally, we guide our clients to use vocabulary and idioms that work best for their speaking environments.    

At Rooted Accents, we view speech coaching as a way to build confidence, instill new skills, and ultimately, elevate your communication. We do not believe in "reducing" or taking away our clients' identities or cultures.*    

For some more tips on how to know if Clear Speech Coaching could help you reach your communication goals, this short article can help you decide.        

*If you are interested in specifically learning principles of the General American English Accent, we are happy to accommodate an accent modification program for you. Traditionally, this is also called "accent reduction", or "accent neutralization". Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more.