This is a very personal decision for every person to carefully consider. As a first step, we strongly encourage you to consider WHY you want to change your speech, or accent.    

 Is it because you believe your current speech is interfering with your professional or academic life?

Do you struggle to be understood during everyday tasks, like while ordering at a restaurant, or shopping?    

 Do you want to speak more like people in your community as a way of integrating into a new culture?

Is accent modification something you've considered in the past, and are still curious if it could help you meet future career goals?

As you determine your "why", we've included some questions on this page which may help as a guide.  

You may also want to ask some trusted friends or colleagues if they have any trouble understanding you. In the United States, many people may not feel comfortable expressing their opinions about your speech unless you ask them directly.  

If you have come to the conclusion that you would like to try a session, you are welcome to book a class here.